No stranger to the struggles of the working class, intellectual Bridge City hardcore nerd rap phenomenon Introverse the MC has found the recipe for success by using positivity and ingenuity to overcome adversity. A musical wizard who's always thinking ahead of the curve, his exceptional vocal precision and vast vocabulary has helped him become a vital ingredient in the Saskatchewan music industry.

Leaving the 100+ hour multiple job minimum wage work weeks of his day job training behind, this award winning Executive Chef blends a passion for jazz with exceptional trombone playing, homemade beats and creative topics of conversation that have been compared to the likes of Busdriver and Aesop Rock. Lyrics and music painstakingly hand-crafted to be consumed at a rapid-fire pace with fine attention to delivery and detail.

As the decade long front man for the Jimmy Schmidt Jazz Explosion, when Introverse isn't cooking up rhymes or delicious meals for the masses of Toon Town he can be found playing trombone in the Oral Fuentes Band - opening up for artists such as De La Soul, Arrested Development, Ivana Santilli, Mr. Something Something, Maceo Parker and Mikey Dangerous.

Past performances at the Spadina Freehouse and Capitol Music Club during Jazz Fest in 2014, Saskatoon Reggaefest 2014/2015 and the #Imagine Oct 20 Saskatoon edition at Amigos Cantina have given his audiences a strong taste of what they can expect from his live performances in the future.

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2017 will see the release of three singles, 'I'll Have What I'm Having,' 'Makin' Town,' and 'Roughriders and Gophers", works of lyrical hip hop genius shining the light on his prairie home of endless possibilities while helping the listener understand why he prefers to hit home runs instead of just standing idly by on the sidelines like so many others who are too scared to take a swing.

Taking no shortcuts on the way to his destination, 2017 will see Introverse the MC rise to the top with the release of 3 music videos, plus the highly anticipated unveiling of his debut album No Potato.

Starting a new tradition of creating do-it-yourself beat-filled slam poetry intent on shaking your brain - Introverse the MC is inventing a class of his own and one that will no doubt be used as a beneficial recipe for many others who follow suit.


No more monkey
on my back
now I can focus
on accumulating fat stacks
of happiness



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